ATM Services

ATM Replenishment Service

To stay competitive today, financial institutions are increasingly striving to operate their ATM programs in a highly cost effective environment. They are looking for a service provider that can also be a partner, and Thillens is just that company.

Our comprehensive ATM Cash Management Program includes cash replenishment, deposit pickups, and ATM deposit processing. The Thillens solution is best accomplished in an on-the-move environment inside the armored truck. Applying the same mobile processing techniques that were developed in our check cashing business, we provide a cost-effective and efficient method of processing and balancing ATM cash loads, residuals, and deposits in a real time mobile cash processing center. We also have live video streaming of the truck's work area for added security

We are the solution for improved service, lower costs, and the elimination of costly cash inventories. With our 3 generations of experience, our customers can count on us with confidence. Our family values, commitment to security and integrity, and customer values are what continues to differentiate us in the marketplace.

  • ATM Cash Replenishment
  • ATM Deposit Pickup
  • ATM Deposit Processing
  • Cash Management
  • Cross-Shipping Management
  • Detailed Reporting
ATM Mobile Armored Truck for branch bank disaster backup or special event deployment

Bringing cash to the customer is the cornerstone of the Thillens family business. Since 1932, Thillens has brought cash to hundreds of thousands of people in the Chicagoland area via mobile check cashing in an armored truck. Using the same experience, skills, and security, that product is now available for your ATM customers. Perfect for either branch disaster backup, or just special event sponsorship.

  • Fully-equipped armored vehicles using state of the art security and technology
  • Two fully-functional ATMs built into side of truck
  • One cash depository drop chute
  • Two pay out windows with currency slots and coin changer slots
  • Mobile phone communications
  • Complete self contained power generator or AC plug compatible
  • Public address system for music or announcements
  • Recessed outside lighting for visibility and security
  • ATM signage on the vehicle
  • Interior workstations for up to five tellers, including currency and coin counters and computers
  • Event sponsorship
  • Bank branch on wheels/mobile ATM and teller service

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