Cash & Coin Vault Processing

Need a place to store your cash? The Thillens armored car 24/7 vault facility is your solution. Deposits and withdrawals are constantly balanced while enroute on our armored trucks. This mobile cash counting environment is equipped with currency counting machines, computers, coin counters and calculators. Real time balancing means less float time for our customers. With interior cameras on these trucks, balancing routines are video stored as well as constantly streaming live to our operations center.

With these security measures and a single custody of valuables by the same staff that makes the pickup and/or delivery, Thillens customers never hear the fingerpointing excuses of any shortage maybe happening with either the armored service or the cash counting room. At Thillens, it's the same professional staff doing both functions. Unlike traditional armored car operations that have messengers just handling sealed bags and a cash counting room balancing the work, the Thillens model makes us truly "cash handlers."

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