The best kept secret has caught on fire! Thanks to our creative way of providing armored car service to financial institutions, the video gaming business, ATM locations, Interactive Teller Machines at banks, and the retail market, the Thillens service footprint has expanded from just our Chicago home base to now include the entire state of Wisconsin and Illinois. Not because we were just hoping for new business markets, but because we wanted to better serve our growing base of customers closer to where they live.

The traditional armored car industry has not changed their modus operandi since the old stagecoach days. Pick up a bag of money at point A and deliver it to point B. In today's business world, that doesn't always work best. Our constantly developing software, our way of receiving, balancing and delivering cash back to your bank is literally revolutionizing the way money needs to move in the 21st century. Our trucks aren't just armored "stagecoaches", they're armored cash counting rooms. Each of our larger-than-normal armored vehicles is equipped with multiple work station desks and $50,000 worth of mixed currency counting equipment, mixed coin counters, and computers with proprietary software that can balance deliveries and pickups while in motion. Our onboard cellular WIFI can offer customers and our home base with live current data of their shipment while saving the associated cash deposit and pickup bank costs.

Everyone we explain and show our methods of money handling to is loving it. Our constantly growing customer base has more than doubled in the last couple of years, so we have strategically located 7 branches (4 new ones in 2016 alone) to not only be more geographically located to serve our existing customers, but to also be just a 15 minute ride away from the St. Louis, Minnesota Twin Cities, Milwaukee, and Quad Cities markets. Now those adjacent cities are already getting on board with our new way of providing armored car service. Not just cash in transit...but, "Cagistics!"

Our new and creative money saving methods are just the icing on the cake. Since 1932 we have grown to be a 3 generation family owned and privately operated armored car company. We have those Midwest and generational trained values of offering top quality customer service. Our mission statement, which is boldly written on the side of each of our armored trucks says it all:

"We promise to give good a profit if we a loss if we must...but always good service."

Our founder, Mel G. Thillens, not only wrote and believed in that business philosophy, he taught each generation to make that their first priority.

We're smokin'! To learn more about the latest Chicago Fire, just give us a toll free call at 888-539-4446 or email

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