Thillens FAQ

What makes Thillens the best choice for our needs?

Thillens cares for their customers as evidenced by being in business and a respected Chicago name since 1932. Our products aren't prefabricated. We listen to our customer's needs and adapt to your requirements.

Why is Thillens just in the Chicago market?

We're not just in Chicago. We have opened an Operations Center near Madison, Wisconsin and currently provide service to all parts of Wisconsin including Madison, Green Bay, and Milwaukee. We have also recently opened an Operations Center in Peoria, Illinois to help us meet customer demand for our unique armored car solutions in the central part of the State. We also serve parts of Northwest Indiana. Our affiliation with the largest independent armored car association in the world (IACOA) allows us access to partnering relationships most anywhere you do business in the United States and many foreign countries.

Why does Thillens offer so many services that other armored car and messenger companies don't provide?

Because we are the only company that can offer all these banking services under one roof, we can completely control every step of the process. You'll never hear "finger pointing" excuses from Thillens.

Does Thillens still own Thillens Baseball Stadium at Devon and Kedzie in Chicago?

No. After 67 years of personally maintaining and scheduling 700 ball games a year, in 2005 Thillens finally passed those responsibilities on to the Chicago Park District.

Thillens always refers to itself as a family business. Exactly how are the principals related?

Melvin George Thillens, who passed away in 1993, was the founder of the mobile armored car payday check cashing business in 1932. Working side-by-side with his father for forty years, his only son, Melvin Jon Thillens, carried on the same business concepts of honoring the financial needs of customers as President of Thillens, Inc.

After raising her family, Melvin George's only daughter, Dorsi Thillens Finnegan, came back on board the family business in 1985 and is now President of Thillens Service Corp.

Mel Patrick Thillens and Tommy Finnegan are the children of Dorsi and Melvin Jon. As Dorsi and Melvin Jon did at an early age, Mel Patrick and Tommy learned the business ropes from the bottom up, from sweeping the ballpark and driving our trucks to their current positions as Vice Presidents of Sales and Operations.

It's these experiences that make us best suited for servicing our customers. "Our name is on the shingle."

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