In 1932, Mel Thillens owned and operated a currency exchange in Chicago. His clientele consisted mostly of factory and WPA workers. To eliminate tracking mud over his new office carpet, he conceived the idea of bringing money to the worker. Thus the first mobile armored car check cashing service was invented.

Today, Thillens is the largest independent armored car service provider in the Midwest. With reliable service provided to hundreds of financial institutions, banks, credit unions, retailers and commercial customers, they have all come to put their trust in the name Thillens.

We have become the leader in the use of technology throughout our entire operation. From the use of live color digital camera feeds in each of our armored trucks, to the use of bar coding for scanning and tracking shipments, to online service ordering, we have set the standard in the industry when it comes to the independent armored car service.

Thillens has been and continues to be a long standing member of the nation's largest armored car organization, the Independent Armored Car Operators' Association (IACOA). This long-standing affiliation has allowed us to extend our service footprint well outside the Midwest to cites and states where we have sub contract relationships for service throughout the country.

Whilst Thillens is no longer a family-owned business, the family continue to operated the business alongside a new management team.

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