Check Deposit Processing

Thillens offers both hard copy depositing and remote capture capability. Our fleet of courier vehicles and processing center combine to offer a one stop shop for all your depositing needs.

Remote Check Deposit with Image Capture Equipment. The Check 21 Solution.

Scan your own checks and transmit them to your correspondent bank or processing center. Reduces float and the need for courier service. Thillens offers remote capture equipment for either sale or lease. We also offer the only equipment maintenance program with a "deposit guarantee." If the equipment ever breaks down, Thillens will dispatch a technician to either repair it, replace it, or pick up the hard copy deposit and deliver it to your processing center until the equipment is operating properly.

MICR Encoding

Still need to manually key in check net amounts? Thillens can offer that service as well. Coupled with our fleet of courier vehicles for picking up checks in time for immediate availability of funds, we can make it all happen with a single vendor.

Core Processing

If your financial institution needs a core processing center for your customer's data records, Thillens has your answer. We have the technology and experience, combined with state of the art processing and a duplicate offsite disaster recovery facility.

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