Courier Services

Here's an interesting quote from Peter Wright, one of the leading messenger underwriters from Kelly & Associates Insurance Company.

" . . . there is a chance of loss - accidental in time and place. And it is accidental with a good courier company. But if you start doing business with someone who utilizes second-rate vehicles, second-hand employees, and second rate insurance, what you are doing is taking a lot of the chance out of the equation and gettng closer to a certainty. At that point, we know it is going to happen, we're just trying to make book on when"

Thillens has applied its many years of cash handling and check cashing service techniques to its courier operation. Our experience, tradition, and commitment to excellence have allowed us to become the Chicago area's premier service provider to leading financial institutions and commercial customers alike . . all at a competitive price.

Thillens can transport your canceled checks, cash letters, payroll, interoffice mail, non-negotiable items, and any other shipments that require time sensitive pick up and delivery on a scheduled basis.

Thillens is an employee-based courier company. Our staff have been through extensive background checks, are professionally uniformed and trained, using only Thillens eco-friendly vehicles to make every pickup and delivery. Independent contractors using their own private cars don't make the grade for our customers.

Our insurance is of the highest standard in the industry and is underwritten by Lloyd's of London. We take our courier business and deadlines very seriously.

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