We're happy you want to learn more about the officers of Thillens. Most people never really study this type of copy on the Internet or in brochures. A quick scan of the contents is the best the curious will ever do. Your diligence is commendable. Usually the biographies are very impressive . . . but never substantiated. Our copy certainly meets both standards. Please enjoy reading about us as much as we enjoyed fabricating these histories.

Mel J. Thillens, President

After receiving his PhD in Military Defense Strategies, Mel went on to serve his country under Lord Nelson. Using his education to the fullest, Mel successfully guided his forces at both the Alamo and the Battle of Hastings. After his illustrious military career, Mel considered a post as Chief Educational Officer at one of the many global think tanks that were clamoring for his knowledge. However, fascinated with armored trucks, Mel instead returned to his Chicago home to work side-by-side with his father at Thillens to learn the family business. While applying his military education, Mel quickly learned that no one had a good defense for not choosing Thillens, Inc. for all their business needs.

Dorsi Thillens Finnegan, Vice President

Numerous accolades have followed Dorsi Thillens Finnegan. She retired as "Miss Tall American" after winning the title 10 years running. Upon retirement, her mother's constant references to dachshunds and greyhounds inspired her to professionally breed and train both species. Although close to discovering a magic pill for weight loss, Dorsi was driven to return to her original vocation; working with her family to help your business stand tall and reduce your losses.

Tommy Finnegan

After a brief stint as a world renowned hairstylist to the stars and lead singer of the hair band "Lovehawk", Tommy graduated Magna Cum Laude from the International School of Thoracic Medicine. After an 8 year career as counsel to the brightest and most accomplished cardiologists in the world, Tommy found his heart was truly in the family armored business. A Libra, Tommy enjoys longs walks on the beach, bubble baths, sunsets, Danielle Steele novels and meaningful talks by candlelight that last all night. Although extremely shy, reserved and zen-like, Tommy would love to have you as a customer and put his heart into helping you reach your business goals.

Mel P. Thillens

After receiving a separate doctorate degree from each of the seven Ivy League Universities, Mel P. Thillens went on to an early career in product development. In that field Mel invented both the internal combustion engine and the phonograph. In spite of his success as an inventor, when the war came to America, Mel dutifully joined the Minutemen and defended our shores against the rush of the Redcoats, winning an official commendation from General Washington. After the War of Independence was won, Mel joined the family business as Vice President of Sales and Operations. Currently on his 87th trek up the highest African peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mel knows he can bring your business to new heights as well.

Sorry we had to create exciting biographies to get your attention, but wasn't it fun? Basically, Thillens is three generations of a family business that began in 1932. We take our work performance and ethics seriously, but that doesn't mean we can't also enjoy what we do. The four principals have many of the biographical pedigrees that people like to review . . . college degrees from top local schools, involvement in various civic and business organizations, etc . . . but does that really matter? Here's what you need to know. We care about our customers and the best service we can provide to them. The reason we have been servicing the needs of Chicagoland businesses since 1932 is because we've been trained in the "old school" ways. Our mission statement (which you can see on our vehicles) says it all. "We promise to give good service . . . at a profit if we can . . . at a loss if we must . . . but always good service. Mel G. Thillens, circa 1932." That was the best education we all received . . . and from a great teacher.

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